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Mortgage Broker Vancouver

We’re here to help you secure lending. We understand that each individual is different, and once we collect some basic information, we negotiate on your behalf with major financial institutions.

Banks are hungry for your business – it makes them billions in revenue. Why not shop around? When you work with a Vancouver Mortgage broker, they shop on your behalf. Sign up, let us shop, get approved. Yes, It’s that easy.

Watch this short Video to Learn why using a mortgage broker in Vancouver could save you thousands of dollars
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Why a Vancouver Mortgage Broker Makes Sense for BC Residents – Transcript

“You need a mortgage.  But should you be working with a mortgage broker – or directly with a bank? Who has the lowest rate?  The better service? And more importantly – who’s going to approve you?

In BC, real estate prices are on the rise, which means mortgages are also getting bigger.  With such high lending amounts, even a few fractions of a percentage point can save you thousands in interest payments over the lifetime of your mortgage.  Which is a good thing.  But how do you know you’re getting the best rate?

This is the reason why mortgage brokers are so popular in BC.  A good mortgage broker (like Vancouver Mortgage) has excellent relationships with dozens of lenders.  After collecting some of your basic information, we approach all the lenders on your behalf, and they fight for you as a client by putting forward their absolute best offers.

You have to remember; banks make a ton of money off having you as a client, and if you approach the bank as an individual, not only is it time consuming, but you don’t have any negotiating power, which often means you’re not getting the best rate.

Another major mortgage broker advantage is convenience and experience.  You’re busy – and we get that.  Our experts are available day and night and work around your schedule, even if it means being available on weekends or after regular business hours – an option not available with most banks.  We also take care of all the paperwork and filings for you.

It’s important to remember that working with Vancouver Mortgage is completely free and working with a mortgage broker does not increase your lending rate or down payment amount what so ever.  All mortgage broker fees and commissions are paid by the lenders, not the client.

It makes you think – why don’t more BC residents use a mortgage broker?  They DO!  The trend is on the rise because it saves time, money, and the headache of filling out piles of paperwork while lowering the risk of approval decline.

Acquiring a mortgage should be a stress free event, and there’s no better way to do so than working with Vancouver Mortgage – the smarter way to borrow.”

What Will Your Mortgage Really Cost You?

We could save you thousands.

Benefits of using a mortgage broker in Vancouver

The #1 benefit of using a mortgage broker is a better lending rate – which means putting more of your hard earned money back in your pocket. The #1 misconception is that using a mortgage broker in Vancouver costs money. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A mortgage broker works for you and when they connect you with a suitable lender, the lender pays the broker. There’s a reason millions of Canadians are using mortgage brokers instead of going directly to the bank-there are so many advantages!

  • Costs You Nothing
  • Secures the Best Available Rate
  • Walks you through the entire lending process
  • Organizes paper work and materials on your behalf
  • Works with top tier lenders and major banks

“Vancouver is an expensive real estate market. Even a few percentage points can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest payments over your lifetime”

best Vancouver mortgage broker

The Best Vancouver mortgage broker

Our dedicated team of mortgage professionals only serve Vancouver and the surrounding regions – which means we’ve got expert level knowledge on the Vancouver lending trends, job market, financial institutions, and real estate industry. We’re locally owned and operated, and you won’t find a better Vancouver Mortgage Broker than us in BC. Just read the reviews & testimonials.

“The team at Vancouver Mortgage was incredible. They were very easy to get a hold of, provided invaluable, professional advice, and ultimately got me a better rate than my bank offered me. I would highly recommend Vancouver Mortgage.
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Our Mortgage Broker BC Services

Residential Mortgages

Deciding to purchase a home is a big decision, that’s usually stressful. We’re here to help and make the mortgage component completely stress free. We’re experienced with first time buyers, repeat buyers, investment properties, self employed buyers, newcomers to Canada, and even existing renewals and transfers. We’re your one stop mortgage broker in Vancouver BC.

Commercial Mortgages

We want your business to succeed, which means saving capital where it counts. We work with equipment leasing, commercial site mortgages, construction loans, and related renewals and transfers. Contact your Vancouver Mortgage broker today and lets get your business moving.

Vancouver Mortgage our lenders

Mortgage Broker Regions We Serve in BC

You’re busy – we get it. Our #1 goal is ensuring you have the best experience possible, and we’ve got a fleet of vehicles at our agents disposal. One of our qualified professionals will come to you. We want shopping for a mortgage to be easier than buying shoes on Amazon.

The Best Rate, And Even Better Service

Vancouver Mortgage Case Study


The average housing price in Vancouver

(And yes, this price includes apartments, townhouses, and detached homes)

Vancouver Mortgages

With Vancouver’s skyrocking real estate prices, the demand to secure a Vancouver mortgage has also been increasing. In fact, in a recent study the OECD has found that Canadians ranked #1 in household debt compared to 35 other developed countries at 101% of GDP. The primary cause of this is housing debt, and Vancouver, Toronto are the largest contributors.

It gets worse – more so than ever before, Canadians are living pay cheque to pay cheque – with over 48% of Canadian households noting they are within $200 of not being able to meet their financial obligations. These metrics have banks worried, and have led to a number of small interest rate hikes as well as more stringent lending criteria and stress checks. Bank are worried about risk, and as a result, they’re lending less and at a higher rate.

Mortgage Brokers Vancouver & Savings

With higher mortage amounts, and increasing lending rates working with a mortgage broker can lead to massive savings. Even a small lending rate change (0.2% or less) can lead to thousands of dollars in interest payment savings over the lifetime of your mortage.

Here’s the thing – each lender has their own evaluation criteria and will approach your file differently. Why would you work with Bank #1 who classifies you as an undesirable candidate, demanding a larger down payment, and a higher lending rate when Bank #2 may classify you as a perfect match?

Mortgage Brokers in Vancouver BC understand this, and are well versed with the lending thresholds and risk appetite of our lenders. Remember, your mortgage broker works for you, and only you. It’s job to make sure you save while affording your dream property.

Vancouver Mortgage Brokers & Stress Free Lending

With lending being so strict, mortgage application declines are at an all time high. Mortgages can be complicated – and more and more horror stories are arising whwre a family thought they secured lending only to have the rug pulled out from under them at the last second and walking away from their deposit. Did you know tht working with a mortgage broker can virtually eliminate this risk all together?

Here at Vancouver Mortage, our brokers are professional, experienced, and understand the lending space. In fact, we have fantastic relationship with our lenders. Securing a mortgage should be a stress free, time efficient procedure. There’s a reason so many Vancouver residents are working with us to secure their mortgages. You’re busy – sit back and leave the lending to us.

You could save over $18,817 over the lifetime of your mortgage.

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550 West Broadway, Unit #734, Vancouver, BC V5Z 0E9