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Mortgage Broker North Vancouver

mortgage broker north Vancouver reviews and benefits

According to data provided by Zolo, North Vancouver has the 4th highest home prices across Greater Vancouver.

North Vancouver is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in BC. Close to the water, mountains, and the downtown core, there is no shortage of things to do here. Of all the cities in the GVA, North Vancouver ranks highly for most desirable but also most expensive.

In addition to high housing prices, the new mortgage rules launched in January 2018 have made it increasingly difficult for residents in North Vancouver to secure a Mortgage. Working with a Mortgage Broker is the absolute best way to maximize your chances of getting approved, and secure the most affordable mortgage for your budget.

Benefits of Working with a Mortgage Broker in North Vancouver

In addition to saving you money, the benefits of working with a North Vancouver Mortgage Broker include:

  • 1. It’s Free
  • 2. Get the Best Rate Possible
  • 3. Access to Multiple Banks and Lending Sources
  • 4. They Handle all Paperwork & Guide You Through the Entire Process

The best part about working with a Mortgage Broker in North Vancouver is that they save you money! A Mortgage Broker works for you (not the lender), and their goal is to connect you with a lender who has the most suitable mortgage for your needs and will save you the most money.

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North Vancouver Mortgage Broker’s Services are Free

Because a Mortgage Broker works directly for you, the client, it is common to assume that you are required to pay them a fee. This is not the case! A Mortgage Broker gets paid by the lender, only once your mortgage is approved and funding is secured.

A Mortgage Broker can Get You the Best Rate

Mortgage Brokers work within a wide network of A, B and C Lenders. Having connections at all these lenders allows them to hand pick the best rate available – something you wouldn’t be able to do by walking into your local bank branch.

Get Access to a Wide Variety of Lenders

Why should you work with a Mortgage Broker if your local bank offers mortgages? The answer is simple. A bank only offers their own products, significantly limiting your option pool. By working with a Mortgage Broker, you’re able to choose between products from many banks and lenders.

Your North Vancouver Mortgage Broker will Make the Entire Process Easier

Buying a house can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. A Mortgage Broker makes the mortgage process as straightforward as possible for their clients. They take care of all the paperwork on your behalf, and guide you through the process step by step, giving you peace of mind that nothing has been overlooked.

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North Vancouver Mortgage Broker Video Transcript

North Vancouver real estate prices have been steadily increasing over the last 20 years, with blistering growth experienced from 2012-2018 which lead to government action on mortgage lending procedures and approval criteria.

While these regulations somewhat cooled housing prices, we’re seeing more young families once again begin to relocate to North Vancouver, and older families sell their homes and retire in more affordable regions such as the interior.

When purchasing a home, a mortgage is virtually inevitable, and what we’re seeing is an increasing number of applicants getting declined – or offered a steep rate by their day to day banking institution – and for good reason.  Interest rates are at a very uncertain time, and as a result, there is a large variation between lenders, which means just a few percentage points can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest payments over the life time of your mortgage.

For this very reason we’re seeing a large number of buyers using mortgage brokers to secure lending because working with a local North Vancouver mortgage broker is

  1. Free (the lender pays all the fees)
  2. Will get you approved at the most competitive rate
  3. Will stick handle all the tricky rules and regulations on your behalf

Why mortgage brokers are so popular because they shop around and negotiate with lenders on your behalf, then collect all the lenders very best offers, and present them to you to make a final decision.

Vancouver Mortgage is one of the fastest growing mortgage brokers and is located right here in North Vancouver.  If you’re looking for a North Vancouver Mortgage Broker – think Vancouver Mortgage.  Just read the reviews!

Mortgage Broker in North Vancouver – Residential Lending

Working with a Mortgage Broker is the best way to secure residential financing in North Vancouver. Our experienced North Vancouver Mortgage Brokers can coordinate the following residential financing: residential mortgages, first time home buyers, investment property, self-employed buyers, mortgage renewals, new to Canada buyers, refinancing, and reverse mortgages for those aged 55+.

Stress Free Residential Mortgages

Anyone shopping for a new home should absolutely speak with a Mortgage Expert. By reviewing mortgages from all the lenders in their network, a Mortgage Broker can select the best product available, saving you money. By accepting a mortgage offer from your local bank, you might not be getting the best possible rate.

First Time Home Buyers

Did you know that the Government of Canada has special programs in place to help first time home buyers save money? Our Mortgage Brokers have experience with the RRSP Home Buyer’s Plan, First Time Home Buyer’s Tax Credit, and Land Transfer Tax Rebates- all of which help you save money!

Self Employed Borrowers

Although more and more people are making the choice to be self-employed, mortgage criteria still caters to standard employees. Most lenders request a T4 slip as proof of income, but for self-employed mortgage applicants who do not receive a T4 slip, this presents a problem. A Mortgage Broker will be able to work with your unique scenario and present it to a lender who frequently approves financing for self-employed individuals.

Thinking of Buying a Rental Property?

While investing in a rental property is a fantastic way to supplement income, securing financing can be quite tricky. Some lenders won’t approve this type of financing unless you plan to live in one of the rental units! If you’re thinking of buying a rental property, it’s crucial to speak to a Mortgage Broker who can work with your goals and find a lender who suits your unique situation.

Renewal Time

If your mortgage renewal is coming up or if you’ve already received a renewal notice – don’t sign it! This is the perfect time to have a Mortgage Broker shop around for you and see what other lenders would be willing to offer you. It’s quite likely that moving your mortgage under a different lender will save you thousands every year.

New to Canada?

Buying a home as a Canadian resident is stressful enough, but buying a home when you’re coming from a different country is even more daunting. There are stacks upon stacks of paperwork to do, and a long list of criteria that must be met. A Mortgage Broker can walk you through this entire process, taking most of the paperwork off your hands and making sure you meet all the criteria to get financing approved for your new home.

A Mortgage Broker in North Vancouver Can Help You Refinance

A North Vancouver home can be refinanced to take advantage of low interest rates, access the home’s equity, and to consolidate debt. If you’re interested in any of these three options, a Mortgage Broker can help you refinance your home and avoid the associated fees and prepayment penalties.

Getting a Reverse Mortgage is Easy with a Mortgage Broker

North Vancouver home owners that are over the age of 55 are eligible to apply for the CHIP reverse mortgage. This program is an excellent choice for any retirees who have equity in their home and would like more financial freedom each month.

Mortgage Broker in North Vancouver – Commercial Lending

Commercial financing is completely different ball game than residential financing. Because the borrowers are typically companies, and not individuals, lenders perceive these loans as much riskier. Our Mortgage Brokers have experience in the complex commercial lending process, and can help with commercial mortgages, construction mortgages, and equipment leasing.

Securing a Commercial Loan in North Vancouver

Commercial lenders have strict guidelines and very high standards that must be met in order to secure a commercial mortgage. Because the criteria is not typically available online, the best way to begin the process of securing funding for a commercial mortgage is to speak with a Mortgage Expert. They will be able to help you meet the strict criteria for this type of complex loan.

mortgage brokers in north Vancouver help with builders loans

A Mortgage Broker can walk you through the entire process of securing a construction mortgage to build a new home.

Building a Home in North Vancouver? A Mortgage Broker Can Help

While mortgages are commonly associated with buying an existing home, you can also take out a mortgage to build a brand new home. Unlike a regular mortgage where all financing is provided at once, a construction mortgage is given in in stages called “draws”. As the home progresses, each new draw is only given once an inspector confirms that the home is being built according to the policy guidelines. Because not all banks and lenders offer construction mortgages, it is highly recommended that you work with a Mortgage Broker if you plan on building a home.

Equipment Leasing

For a company to succeed and grow, it’s important that their equipment keeps up with the times. Purchasing new equipment every time technology changes is a massive financial strain. Leasing equipment gives business owners the up to date equipment they need, with reasonable payments that won’t be detrimental to their business’s cash flow.

North Vancouver Mortgage Broker Reviews

Our professional team of Mortgage Brokers only serves Vancouver and its surrounding areas like North Vancouver. That means we are extremely familiar with North Vancouver’s real estate and lending trends. You won’t find a better North Vancouver Mortgage Broker than us, just read the reviews!

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