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Mortgage Broker Langley

Langley, (just East of Surrey) is a 10km2 municipality with a friendly downtown core, and over 17 public parks. While homes in this area are not cheap, they are more affordable than homes in Vancouver, Burnaby and Coquitlam.

In addition to high housing prices, the new mortgage rules launched in January 2018 have made it increasingly difficult for residents in Coquitlam to secure a Mortgage. Working with a Mortgage Broker is the absolute best way to maximize your chances of getting approved, and secure the most affordable mortgage for your budget.

Mortgage Broker Langley services, and benefits.

The average home price in Langley including detached, townhomes, and condos, is just under $800, 000.

Why Should You Use a Mortgage Broker in Langley?

The top reasons to work with a Mortgage Broker in Langley are:

  • 1. Their services are free
  • 2. They can secure the best rates
  • 3. Access to products from multiple lenders and banks
  • 4. All the paperwork is organized for you
  • 5. They guide you through the entire process

The best part about working with a Langley Mortgage Broker is that they save you money! A Mortgage Broker’s job is to review all mortgages available, and connect you with a lender who has the most suitable mortgage for your needs.

Vancouver Mortgage is now serving Langley!

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A Langley Mortgage Expert is Free

Although a Mortgage Broker works for you (and not the lenders), their services are completely free. They are paid by the lender, but only once your mortgage is funded.

Get the Best Rates

Your local bank branch offer mortgages, but only “their” specific mortgages and rates, which may not be the best fit for your situation. A Langley Mortgage Broker will review mortgages and rates from a wide range of lenders, presenting you with only the best possible rates.

Access to Top Tier Lenders

Some lenders, known as Monoline lenders specialize in competitively priced mortgages. They are able to offer such low rates by cutting overhead costs like brick and mortar storefronts, and only offering 1 product – mortgages. These types of lenders can only be accessed through a Mortgage Broker.

They Handle all of Your Paperwork

Working with any sort of financial institution to fund a loan requires lots, and lots of paperwork. A Mortgage Broker will organize and submit all documents to the correct individuals on your behalf, making the process as least frustrating as possible.

A Mortgage Broker in Langley Will Guide You Through Each Step

Buying a home is a massive financial commitment, and arranging the funding to do so can be extremely stressful. Mortgage Brokers work on mortgage files all day, every day, so they can confidently walk you through the entire process, ensuring it goes smooth.

Mortgage Broker Langley Reviews

At Vancouver Mortgage, we only work with clients in Vancouver and its surrounding areas like Langley. Our brokers are extremely familiar with the real estate market and lending trends in Langley. You won’t find a better Mortgage Broker than us, just read the Langley Mortgage Broker reviews!

Langley Mortgage Broker Residential Services

Getting a mortgage is one of the largest financial decisions you can make, so it’s important to make sure you have the best possible mortgage for your situation and budget. A Mortgage Broker can assess your unique situation, and match you up with the most compatible lender. We assist with the following residential services: first time home buyer mortgages, repeat home buyers, new to Canada mortgages, rental property mortgages, mortgage renewals, self-employed mortgages, mortgage refinancing, and reverse mortgages for retirees.

Langley Residential Mortgages

Simply put, buying a home is expensive. Working with a Mortgage Broker who can compare products from a wide variety of lenders ensures that you are getting the best rate and terms for your mortgage, saving you as much money as possible.

First Time Home Buyers in Langley

Did you know that first time home buyers are eligible to save money through special discounts and tax breaks? Mortgage Brokers know the ins and outs of the RRSP Home Buyer’s Plan, BC Land Transfer Tax Rebates, and the First Time Home Buyer’s Tax Credit to help put some of your hard earned dollars back in your pocket.

Self Employed Buyers in Langley

One of the first steps in getting a mortgage is proving your income. For most people, this is extremely easy because employers provide a T4 slip each year, which states the income that you received. Unfortunately, self-employed individuals do not generally receive these slips, so proving income can be quite difficult. A Mortgage Expert will know exactly which lenders routinely provide funding to self-employed borrowers, and can match you up accordingly.

mortgage broker Langley for self employed buyers

Obtaining a mortgage as a self-employed individual can be quite challenging, but not impossible! Working with a Mortgage Broker will make the entire process a lot easier.

Funding a Langley Investment Property

Owning rental property is a fantastic way to supplement income, but securing funding isn’t always that easy. Mortgages for investment properties tend to come with very specific rules and regulations (some lenders won’t even finance a rental property unless you plan on living in one of the units!) A Mortgage Broker who understands each lender’s requirements can make it much easier to get qualified for an investment property purchase.

Renewals and Transfers

One of the best times to work with a Mortgage Broker is when your existing mortgage is up for renewal. This is the perfect opportunity to find out if there are better rates available, and exactly what other lenders will be willing to offer you. While switching lenders will require some paperwork, there is the potential to save thousands of dollars per year.

Newcomers to Canada

Buying a home in Langley when you’re moving from out of country comes with a lot of paperwork and documentation requirements. An experienced Mortgage Broker will be able to make this process very smooth, by connecting you with a lender that has mortgage programs specifically designed for people who are new to Canada.

Don’t Refinance your Langley Home Before Speaking with a Mortgage Expert

Consolidating debt, accessing equity and taking advantage of lower mortgage rates are the top 3 reasons people in Langley refinance their home. No matter your reason for refinancing, our Mortgage Brokers can help you navigate the process, avoiding hefty fees and prepayment penalties.

Langley Mortgage Brokers Make Reverse Mortgages Easy

Homeowners in Langley that are over the age of 55 are eligible to apply for a CHIP reverse mortgage. This type of mortgage is perfect for any retirees who would like to access some of the equity in their home in order to have more money to spend each month.

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Langley Mortgage Broker Video Transcript

Langley – once classified as a farming township has been one of the fastest growing urban regions in the greater Vancouver area. Young families and new home buyers are flocking to the area, lured by countless new developments and excellent amenities and community infrastructure. As a direct result of this influx of buyers, we’re seeing a lot of real estate changing hands at record prices.

The federal government specifically attempted to cool housing prices by implementing tougher stress tests for buyers, which need to meet strict criteria in order for approval. This criteria is not only confusing, but we’ve seen widespread mortgage declines across the board for buyers with strong credit and employment records.

To add to this problem, the Canadian economy can’t seem to make up it’s mind on interest levels, with some even projecting interest levels to climb further. The result of these two interesting dynamics is one of the largest mortgage lending interest rate discrepancies we’ve seen to date – with some lenders offering mortgages at interest rates several points higher than their counterparts. Even the big 5 charter banks in Canada have varying rates – which are often far from the best deal.

This complicates things for consumers seeking a mortgage as just a few percentage points can amount to tens of thousands of dollars in excess interest payments over the lifetime of your mortgage. What we’re seeing now is Langley residents using mortgage brokers, which are booming in popularity across the board.

A mortgage broker is very easy to use. A broker will collect some of your basic information, then approach multiple lenders and negotiate on your behalf and present you with only the best, lowest rates for you to make the final decision.

What’s even better is that a mortgage broker is free to use! All fees for qualified applicants are paid by the lender – not you! In fact, using a mortgage broker almost always gets you a lower mortgage rate.

It makes you wonder – why don’t more Langley residents use a Langley mortgage broker? The answer is: they do! Mortgage broker use is on the rise, and there’s no better broker than Vancouver Mortgage. We’ve recently expanded to Langley, and with local professionals, we’ve got a wealth of experience to get the job done. Getting a mortgage is a stress free event – and it’s never been easier to get approved at a great rate than with Vancouver Mortgage. Just read the reviews for yourself!

Mortgage Broker Langley Commercial Services

Securing a commercial loan tends to be much more difficult than securing a residential loan because lenders often perceive these loans as higher risk. An experienced Mortgage Broker will be able help you successfully receive funding for commercial mortgages, construction mortgages, and even equipment financing.

Langley Commercial Mortgages

In order to receive a commercial mortgage, a borrower must be able to meet extremely high standards and specific criteria. These requirements are not usually publicly available, so working with a Mortgage Broker is the most effective way to secure a commercial mortgage.

Construction Mortgage

While mortgages are typically thought of as loans to buy an existing home, you can also take out a mortgage to build a brand new home. Unlike a residential mortgage, the funding is provided in parts called “draws”. Each draw is only given once an inspector has confirmed that the home is being built in accordance with the policies in place. If you’re planning on building a home, a Mortgage Broker can connect you with a lender who will finance a new build.

Equipment Leasing in Langley

Keeping up with technology is essential for growing a company. Unfortunately, purchasing new equipment is extremely expensive. Leasing new equipment helps you have the best of both worlds – flexible payment plans, and up to date equipment.

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